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Yulia Wynn, Director

Dear Members,

Happy Saint Valentine's Day!
I am thrilled to announce that it' s raffle time again! In the month of February if you and your loved one both get a massage, you will have a chance to win either a 60-minute or 2 30-minute complimentary massage sessions with one of our massage therapists of your choice! And if you are a proud member of the individual membership, all you have to do is to book two massage sessions between 1st and 29th of February. The winners will be announced in the beginning of March.
On the different and less happy note, I would like to share that both our personal training and massage prices will be going up starting March 1st. For a long period of time we have been able to keep our services from above at very moderate costs, however, with life becoming more expensive in all aspects around we have to make sure that our staff is rewarded accordingly for their wonderful job. I sincerely hope that our members will be understanding and continue enjoy and benefit from personal training and massage services at OHTC. Good news is that the increase is very slight. Here is our new price list: 1 60-minite session is $80, 5 60-minute sessions are $375, and 10 60-minute sessions are $700. Similarly, 1 30-minute session is $60, 5 30-minute sessions are $275, and 10 30-minute sessions are $500.
If you are a regular personal training client or a massage recipient, please, make sure to buy your next package or packages before March so you can save a few dollars.

In health,