Oakland Hills Tennis Club Hours

Monday – Friday:  6:00 am to 10:00 pm
Saturdays & Sundays:  8:00 am to 8:00 pm

4th Bridge Night  7pm 
9th  Ladies Night – 6:30 p.m.
14th St. Patty’s Mixer 6pm
18th Men’s Night – 7:00 pm

President’s Message

Thanks for your many nice comments about getting the pool re-opened. I walked out one of the first days and greeted a water aerobics class and was greeted with lots of smiles and a standing ovation. Wow, that was great, never got a standing ovation my entire life.

Now that the pool is re-opened, time to move on to other subjects – like dry rot; not a tasteful subject, but here goes.

The deck next to the spa showed signs of rot; when my guys got to working it was far more extensive than initially thought. At this time, the entire decking has been removed and joists are being replaced as needed. Good news, this is expected to be fully operable in about two weeks. Another 20 year project completed.

Still waiting on PG&E to approve the financing for the LED lighting on 6 courts. As soon as we receive approval, I’m informed the replacements will take place forthwith. In the meantime, several lights have gone out do to failing ballasts. The failing ballasts were anticipated because of the age of the fixtures, that’s why we are replacing them. A little more patience is required here, PG&E seems to have its hands full.

Been evaluating solar panels for the past several months, among other options. It’s wonderful being on this hillside with its perfect views, but the cost of getting solar in sufficient quantity for our needs is cost-prohibitive. An alternative – co-generation – is being evaluated as I write this article. More to come. Please take a moment to thank Omar Perez and Edgar Franco, two of our maintenance personnel, who have been instrumental in getting our pool back up and operating. They are also instrumental in repairing the deck mentioned above, as well as landscaping. We are really lucky to have these valuable employees, along with the rest of our magnificent staff.

March brings Spring, better weather to enjoy our wonderful facilities to the fullest. In that spirit, we are inviting you to ask your friends and neighbors to join. A great incentive program will be offered for the next couple of months and you could be the recipient of a generous sponsorship reward; all you have to do is sponsor a new member before they join and the reward is yours. See further details elsewhere in this newsletter. Caveat: The sponsorship must be in writing prior to the new member joining.
With Spring around the corner, the crew is checking out the BBQs and decking furniture; expect some replacements. And a new port-a-potty has been added by court 9; this comes at the direct request of the tennis pros, who are doing a bang-up job with our tennis program and find the trek to the top of the hill inconvenient at times. Problem solved! Expect a few members will appreciate this amenity, too. Please be considerate with your clothes in the restrooms. Some of you are leaving your clothes on top of the benches long term, which is not acceptable. If you do not have a locker, use the cubby holes in the family locker rooms or carry your clothes with you in a duffel bag – do not leave them behind. Also, there are free day lockers for your valuables.
Most of the rain should be behind us, its time to enjoy our club. Cordially, Oakland Hills Tennis Club, Inc. Jim Thompson, President

Phone Usage
It is important to know where you can use your phones. Phones are illegal to be use your cell phone in any locker room – especially face time or camera usage. Cell phones are not to be used in hot tub, cardio room or the weight room. You may listen to music but having phone conversations is not allowed. Thank you for considering the other members.

Understanding and Planning Care Options when Caring for an Aging Relative

Saturday March 7th 4pm. Oakland Hills Tennis Club
Amie Stone, MBA Long Term Care Specialist will be presenting in tandem with Josh Wulkan of Edward Jones and Margot Nijsure of Senior Helpers, sharing their expertise in long term care planning.
Understanding the options for care and preparing to meet those costs can be complicated; good planning can help the process be easier. Our presentation will breakdown common misconceptions, understand care options and help move you in the right direction to ensure the best planning possible.

Jerry O’Connor

Join Jerry for a lively game of bridge on Wednesday night April 3 at 7 pm. Please contact Jerry at if interested.

Ladies’ Night
Tomiko Hawkins
Join Tomiko and the ladies on Monday, March 9 at 6:30 PM and play some fun tennis followed by some yummy food.

Men’s Night
Ron Iriyama

Come out and join Ron and Memo on Wednesday, March 18 at 7 PM followed by snacks and drinks in the lounge.

Tomiko Hawkins, Director

We are well into the New Year and there is plenty to do at Oakland Hills Tennis Club! We are launching a new event this year for St. Patrick’s Day! Come out all single members and couples! This is a great way to get to know other members of our community here at OHTC. Come dine on corned beef and cabbage and enjoy a delicious No Host Beer and Wine Bar with festive music. We hope to see you there!

Back by popular demand!! Movie Night for Kids/Date Night! This event is for our children of Oakland Hills. We will show a kid friendly movie (TBA) at the club with pizza/ popcorn and treats for the kids, while parents can take the opportunity to go out and have a kid free date night.

Tomiko Hawkins,
Director of Social Events
For more information,
call 530-3300, ext. 23 or email at
Tomiko Hawkins, Director of Social Events
For more information, call 530-3300, ext. 23 or email at


March 14 St. Patty’s Day Mix & Mingle
April 11 Date/Movie Night for Kids
May 15 Taqueria Night
July 4 July 4th Swim Races
July 11 International Day
September 21 Jazz by the Pool
October 25 Halloween Party
November 14 Fall Wine Tasting
December 6 Santa Arrives
December 12 Holiday Party

St. Patty’s Day Mix & Mingle

To participate, please make your reservation at the Social Corner located near the front entrance of the club. As we get closer to the event, look for more information to be posted around the club.
Every month, our Tennis Directors are having free tennis events for your enjoyment. Bring your racket and your tennis game and get ready for a great time. Remember, during the months of June, July, and August 2020, there will be music and a no host bar every Friday of every month by the pool. Relax and enjoy. Lastly, don’t forget that Ladies Night and Men’s Night are two great opportunities to come out and play tennis with other members, while also enjoying the food and wine afterwards. Look for all 2020 social events elsewhere in the newsletter. You do not want to miss out on the social events that interests you. We look forward to seeing you.

Another great way to get involved at the club is to join our Ping Pong Players.  Come on out for Ping Pong on every Tuesday night 8-945pm for a great time!!

Lastly, don’t forget that Ladies Night (2nd Monday of the month) and Men’s Night (3rd Wednesday of the month) are great opportunities and to come out and play tennis with other members, while also enjoying the food and wine afterwards.

Social Tennis
Ladies Night-Every 2nd Monday
Men’s Night-Every 3rd Wednesday

Pool Hours:  Mondays through Fridays:  6:00 am to 9:30 pm Saturdays and Sundays:  8:00 am to 7:30 pm

Hours are:
Monday through Sunday 9 am to 2 pm
Monday through Thursday 4 pm to 7 pm
Two hour maximum and $1 per hour per child.

Parking Lot
Please remove all valuables from your vehicle while using the club.
Break ins are on the rise due to members leaving valuables in plain sight.

Online Login
Now you can go to our website  and see your statements!  It is quite simple.  Go to member log in, using your membership number you may create an account and log in.  After you log in you may view your statements, change your payment type (checking account or new credit card), make a payment, change your address, phone or other information.  In the fall we intend to begin emailing statements and the newsletter (please update your email address on line), and, eventually, on line booking (also will be available through our app – Oakland Hills) of massage, courts, etc.  Very exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oakland Hills App
Oakland Hills Tennis Club has an app! Through our free app (Oakland Hills) you can view our group fitness , massage, social events, kids programming, aquatics or personal training schedule.You may download the FREE app through the Apple App store or go to Google Play. Come check us out!!!


OHTC Members, Many are enjoying the new pool like its mid-summer; with a full slate of swim lessons, aqua fit classes, masters practice and a winter clinic for the Sharks swim team is on the schedule. A steady flow of faithful lap swimmers helps round out the positive energy at our beautiful, updated aquatic zone. Come carve out a space, take a five-minute float and clear your head post-workout.

In additional to our usual offerings, I will be running our first-ever Pre-Team clinic in April and May. This is designed for swimmers ages 5-8 who have gained some experience through swim lessons but are unfamiliar with an organized training regimen. Technique will be the main focus, as young swimmers get their first true taste of the sport of swimming through a positive lens. Participants who complete the eight week program are eligible to join the Sharks swim team this summer. Look for more info on the digital boards around the club or email me at:

On that note, I do anticipate a number of my current lesson students signing up for the April clinic which means I will have some openings for lessons on Saturdays and after school on select days starting in April. Please plan for spring accordingly, as I anticipate the slots filling up very quickly. And feel free to send me an advance request via email or just drop by the pool for a chat. Looks like beautiful weather in the week ahead. I hope to see you enjoying these sunny days at the pool.

Fitness Facts
Yulia Wynn, Director

Dear Members,

The most overlooked and arguably the most important word in health is “balance.” Why? Because this one word says it all! We spend our entire lives trying to keep things in balance, whether it’s our checkbook, our diet, or our time management. As we age, we need to literally improve our physical balance to keep on doing the things we like to do.

Balance is control. Better body balance makes it easier to move and helps prevent injury. But it’s a “use it or lose it” kind of thing, which means it’s important to practice balance at all ages.

The great news is balance can be learned, challenged, and improved. The agility and strength that comes with learning good balance helps us move smoothly and confidently every day, whether we are doing sports, playing with the kids, chasing down a taxi, or simply walking up the stairs.

If you are serious about seeing improvement in your balance, posture and overall well-being then consider joining our newest group fitness instructor and personal trainer Summer Farouni in her engaging, fun and yet challenging small group training balance program with only 6 participants in the session. All sessions will be designed to the needs and challenges of the class participants.

Elements used in designing the class will range from functional training to ballet and ballroom steps. The program will improve flexibility of joints and muscles, foot and ankle strength to get your body and mind working together as one.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Sign up at the front desk.

In health, Yulia

Group Fitness

Dear Members,

As life ferries us along and we settle into our routines. Many of us realize that exercise has lost its place in our lives somewhere along the way. Whether you lost interest in fitness after getting a new job or starting a family or simply being on vacation for too long, it is a common situation.

Getting back into a workout routine may appear difficult. Perhaps the idea of working out seems painfully tedious — or tediously painful — and it could seem stressful to fit it into an already busy schedule. For those struggling to get motivated to start a fitness regimen, group exercise can be one time-efficient and fun solution.

Choosing the best group fitness workout is really just about figuring out what’s right for your body, your schedule, and your commitment level. If you’ve ever had issues sticking to something in the past, try focusing on a group class that easily fits into your schedule. You’ll probably be more likely to stick to it that way.

You have plenty of options when choosing the best group fitness workout. If you need something low impact and focused on flexibility and stability, try Yoga, Pilates, Aqua or Balance classes. Some group classes like Total Body Conditioning, Functional Training, Cardio Mix, and Pi-Yo are designed for high intensity workout. Cycling classes are great for students who would like to get a tough and sweaty workout while being easy on the joints, particular knees. Like to dance all day long? Try our Zumba and Hip-Hop classes. Still have questions? I would love to help you get on track! E-mail me at and I will meet you in person to find the best solution available!

In health, Yulia

Tennis & Pickleball
Skip Redondo & Nicole Havlicek, Co-Directors

Hi Tennis Members,

Sorry that I had to cancel our Valentine’s mixer. Next month I mention that we are doing a Bring a Ringer doubles tournament, next month that will be in March.

This month I am hosting a round robin singles tournament for men and women 3.5 and 4.0 combination usta ranking. Plus a 50 years old and over. Wilson is sponsoring this round robin. You have two months to play all your matches. Its free u need to provide your own balls and reserve your own court. You need to sign up with me and we need to have 12 players or more to make it work. Winner’s of the round robin will win a Wilson tennis racket “The Clash”. Please email me or call me. 2 out of three sets third set 9 point tie breaker. Please report scores to me.

Pickleball members we are still trying to find Pickleball instructor. What’s awesome how you members communicate and set up your matches. I am planning a mixer for you Pickleball members.

The Tennis Staff Skip & Taylor

OHTC Court Policy

  • Courts may be reserved up to 3 days in advance.
  • There are only 4 reservable courts in advance.  Two courts are held for the teaching pros.  3 tennis courts are available for walk on.
  • After 10 minutes, if you have not arrived, you have forfeited your court.
  • A reservation only reserves the right to a court; not a specific court.
  • Fitness members may not make advance reservations.
  • Ball machine is not available for advance reservations.


Tennis Corner

Greetings Tennis enthusiasts.

The OAKLAND HILLS 55MX7.0A team, led by captain Don Maker will be completing the regular season in the month of march.

The OAKLAND HILLS 40AM3.5A team led by Mike Zeitouny and Vince Adams, are in contention for playoffs, at time of editing, and may see action in April.

Our next scheduled Men’s night is on March 18th. Again, we had a good turnout with Eight players on January 15th.

The February 19th Men’s Night numbers will be reported next month.
We enjoyed the tennis,socializing, food and drink.

Men’s Night is always the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7 pm.

For seniors 60 and older, (both men and women are welcome), there are Monday and Thursday OHTC social tennis groups you can contact Jim Thompson at Jim Thompson Sr. coordinates the inter-club Men’s 60 plus league which continues in February 2020, and matches are played every two weeks. Players compete on alternating Wednesdays during the daytime against men from other private tennis clubs in the East Bay and Contra Costa County. So, you gentlemen who will turn 60 sometime in 2020 and wish to play, please contact Jim Thompson at

See you on the courts! Memo

Massage Messages

Dear Members,
Getting the perfect swing can be downright painful when tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow make an appearance. Both conditions are painful and debilitating inflammations of muscles and tendons caused by overuse. Although they are named for the sports which often cause the problem, there are many causes for each one. If you are suffering from either of these conditions and want to get some relief, see our newest massage therapist Melissa Ortega for a 30- minute massage tune-up. She will use hot stones to help your muscles relax and ease the pain and then work to loosen up the areas of your forearms by using muscle energy assisted stretching techniques. These techniques will help restore optimal extension, pronation, and supination. Take $10 off a 30-minute introductory treatment during the month of March! Self-care is an integral part of your treatment and crucial to its success. With Melissa’s guidance, you can augment the effect of your massage session by applying heat or cold, using topical analgesics such as Biofreeze or Tiger Balm, and performing stretching exercises.

Please stop at the front desk or call the club to make an appointment with Melissa.
In health,

Welcome New Members
Kim Miranda; Colleen Fong; Elinor Coleman and David Sparkman

Welcome Back Members

Thank you for the Membership Referral

Couples Training
Spice up your training with a loved one or a friend! Contact your personal trainer for more information!

Privacy Policy

The club values your membership and your right to privacy. However, by the very nature of our business, we need to share information with others, particularly when forming rosters, teams or programs. We collect information about you that we understand you may consider private or confidential. This information may be contained in applications and other forms you submit to us. Therefore, we are providing you with this notice to explain our policies for collecting, using and sharing this information with others.
Our Privacy Principals
The club will protect all non-public personal information we collect from our members.
The club will contractually require any person or organization providing products or services to members on our behalf to protect the confidentiality of this information.
The club affords former members the same protections as existing members with respect to the use and sharing of their information.
The club will only permit authorized employees, who are trained in the proper handling of this information, to have access to it.
Information We May Collect
The club collects and uses information it believes is necessary to administer our business and provide you with the services you request. We may collect and maintain several types of information needed for these purposes, such as those stated below:
Information the club receives on applications for credit or other financial services, such as your name, address, telephone number, Social Security number, USTA number and other identifying information.
The club has information about your transactions with us, including your payment and credit history.
Information Disclosure to Non-Affiliated Entities
The club shares information with Independent Contractors who provide us services, such as Bankers, Accountants, Lawyers, Tennis Professionals, Food Vendors, Trainers, Instructors, etc, only as permitted by law and only when relevant. We also share information member to member, particularly when forming teams, with club rosters, with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and USTANORCAL, its local affiliate.
When Will We Notify You
Our Privacy Policy will be published once a year. You will receive this notice as long as your membership is active. If you cancel your membership, we will continue to follow our Privacy Policy, but you will not receive future notices from the club.
Changes in Privacy Policy
Over time, it may be necessary to modify or supplement our Privacy Policy. If the club makes material changes, it will provide our current membership with revised notices that describe our new Policy and any new procedures that apply to them.
Your Choice to Share Information
If you choose, the club will not share any information we collect. If you prefer that we not share any information, notify us in writing detailing the information you don’t want the club to share. Mail this information to:

Oakland Hills Tennis Club, Inc.
5475 Redwood Rd.
Oakland, CA 94619
If you have any questions, please feel free to call the club at