Oakland Hills Tennis Club Hours

Monday – Friday:  6:00 am to 10:00 pm
Saturdays & Sundays:  8:00 am to 8:00 pm


President’s Message

First, I’d like to thank all our doctors, nurses, health support staff and first responders for their outstanding performance under these trying conditions.  If I were in New York, I’d be standing on my balcony banging on my pot to show my appreciation.  If you can hear it, my staff, members and I applaud you.  And I sent off some money to Italian Colors for meals for hospital ER staff.

Hard to write this newsletter.  Every time I write, seems like circumstances change before the newsletter is distributed.  This time, the difficulty is compounded 10 fold.

Because this comes to you late in April, I am committing to waive May dues, even though the SBA loan I applied for hasn’t been funded.  I can’t, in good conscience, continue to charge dues when the club is closed and there is no opening date on the horizon.  I’ll just have to bite the bullet and hope for the best.

That said, thanks to the overwhelming support you members have expressed.  There have been some cancellations, understandable given the circumstances, but they number less than 30 now.  Hope that’s it.  Not sure if we will be allowed to reopen by June 1 but that’s looking like the most probable early date.  Gyms are likely to be at the tail end of the reopening of the economy, at least that is how I see it.

Unfortunately, David and Soo will have to defer their opening of the snack bar.  Without a clear opening date, there is no telling when they will open but they are ready and willing, standing on the sidelines.

Fortunately, Yulia’s aerobics classes are a big hit.  At this writing, she tells me there were 37 classes last week, all attended well, one with 33 participants.  Yea!  If you are not doing these classes but would like to, contact Yulia at and she will direct you to her zoom classes.  You are welcome to invite your friends and neighbors, too; we’re reaching out to the whole community.

Lots to be thankful for:  Great member support, great weather ahead and, hopefully, opening soon.

James W, Thompson  Oakland Hills Tennis Club, Inc.

Phone Usage

It is important to know where you can use your phones. Phones are illegal to be use your cell phone in any locker room – especially face time or camera usage. Cell phones are not to be used in hot tub, cardio room or the weight room. You may listen to music but having phone conversations is not allowed. Thank you for considering the other members.

Understanding and Planning Care Options when Caring for an Aging Relative

Saturday March 7th 4pm. Oakland Hills Tennis Club
Amie Stone, MBA Long Term Care Specialist will be presenting in tandem with Josh Wulkan of Edward Jones and Margot Nijsure of Senior Helpers, sharing their expertise in long term care planning.
Understanding the options for care and preparing to meet those costs can be complicated; good planning can help the process be easier. Our presentation will breakdown common misconceptions, understand care options and help move you in the right direction to ensure the best planning possible.

Jerry O’Connor

Join Jerry in June!

Ladies’ Night
Tomiko Hawkins
Hoping to see you in June!

Men’s Night
Ron Iriyama
Thinking of everyone. Stay safe and see you in June!

Tomiko Hawkins, Director

Tomiko Hawkins,
Director of Social Events
For more information,
call 530-3300, ext. 23 or email at
Tomiko Hawkins, Director of Social Events
For more information, call 530-3300, ext. 23 or email at


May 22 Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom
July 4 July 4th Swim Races
July 11 International Day
September 21 Jazz by the Pool
October 25 Halloween Party
November 14 Fall Wine Tasting
December 6 Santa Arrives
December 12 Holiday Party

Social Tennis
Ladies Night-Every 2nd Monday
Men’s Night-Every 3rd Wednesday

Pool Hours:  Mondays through Fridays:  6:00 am to 9:30 pm Saturdays and Sundays:  8:00 am to 7:30 pm

Hours are:
Monday through Sunday 9 am to 2 pm
Monday through Thursday 4 pm to 7 pm
Two hour maximum and $1 per hour per child.

Parking Lot
Please remove all valuables from your vehicle while using the club.
Break ins are on the rise due to members leaving valuables in plain sight.

Online Login
Now you can go to our website  and see your statements!  It is quite simple.  Go to member log in, using your membership number you may create an account and log in.  After you log in you may view your statements, change your payment type (checking account or new credit card), make a payment, change your address, phone or other information.  In the fall we intend to begin emailing statements and the newsletter (please update your email address on line), and, eventually, on line booking (also will be available through our app – Oakland Hills) of massage, courts, etc.  Very exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oakland Hills App
Oakland Hills Tennis Club has an app! Through our free app (Oakland Hills) you can view our group fitness , massage, social events, kids programming, aquatics or personal training schedule.You may download the FREE app through the Apple App store or go to Google Play. Come check us out!!!


OHTC Members and Friends,

I am sending out my most sincere wishes for wellness, fitness, good times and a return to prosperity for us all.  At this point, we have no idea when we will be re-opening, but are keeping our fingers crossed for an early-June return to some semblance of normalcy and an open door at OHTC.  Obviously, we will all have a better picture of the timeline and where we are headed over the next couple weeks.  So far, California has been a standout in combating the disease.  As a father of two and a friend to many elders, I am proud to be a part of this community which has not underestimated the enemy and is showing tremendous follow-through with social distancing.

We have a had a strong reaction from members to our online fitness class offerings.  Thanks to Yulia and the other instructors who are providing this outlet for structured movement to our members and the community at-large.  Our OHTC (land) Sharks video is now up and I am in the process of preparing a video of land-based home exercises for our Aqua-Fit members.  Please go to the Oakland Hills Tennis Club YouTube page to view all of our videos.  For those members who consider themselves to be “non-swimmers” but may be interested in learning more about aquatic cross-training, you can go to the 22:00 mark of the OHTC Sharks Team video and take a look at some of my deep water vertical exercises.  I have become a great fan of vertical swimming for building strength and enhancing “feel for the water”.  Anybody who can withstand vertical swimming will find themselves more adept in the water once you return to a conventional horizontal body position.  Have a look and add a whole new challenge to your current exercise regimen.

With respect to our competitive swim season which is (theoretically) scheduled to begin at the end of June, I am in regular contact with the Oakland Parks and Rec to stay on top of the latest news.  For those unfamiliar with the program/schedule, the season will feature a relay-only meet at the end of June, followed by dual meets every Saturday in July (except Independence Day, which falls on a Saturday this year), and a two-day league championship in mid-August.  In order to represent the club at championships. each swimmer is required to compete in no less than TWO of the regular meets, including the relay meet.  I mention this so athletes can prepare their schedules ahead with respect to family travel plans, summer jobs and other opportunities which may invite certain conflicts.  All this, of course, is based upon the premise that we will be running at or near full-speed come summer time.  I will remain optimistic.

Finally, I want to thank all of the members who are continuing to pay their dues to the club and help keep our staff employed and receiving regular paychecks.  As this is an unprecedented event in our lifetimes, it is incredibly affirming to know that our members are pledging their support and loyalty to the staff and all of the health-minded, positive events we are able co-create at the Oakland Hills Tennis Club.  We look forward to honoring all of you with our best work, innovative exercise techniques, and many good times in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Take care, stay healthy, and active!  I am looking forward to seeing you back at the pool SOON.  –Paul

Fitness Facts
Yulia Wynn, Director

Dear Members,

Being in the midst of a pandemic impacts our health, brings on additional stresses and a roller-coaster of emotions. Taking preventive and protective measures can go a long way.

I recently watched a short video of Teri Mosey, PhD, who is an international speaker, health and wellness consultant, and author of The Hidden Messages in Food. For twenty-five years she has been working in various arenas of the health and wellness industry. I would like to share her tips about respiratory health and foods to strengthen the lungs. Let’s do what we can to make the best of the current circumstances and come out of this stronger than before.

Terri recommended eating 90% of your food cooked and only 10% raw because we are looking for the foods that are supportive of digestion, especially during this vulnerable time. We want our food to be moistening and warming. For this reason, Terri suggested that people should be eating more soups and stews because they are also immune boosting foods.

Finally, staying hydrated is essential to respiratory health. Hydration helps maintain the lining of the lungs, improve oxygen exchange, decrease mucous buildup, and ward off inflammation. Choose room temperature to warm water and herbal teas such as star anise/citrus or turmeric/ginger. You can also contribute to your hydration by eating more liquid-medium meals such as soups and stews.

In health,

Group Fitness

Dear Members,

Being in the midst of a pandemic impacts our health, brings on additional stresses and a roller-coaster of emotions. Taking preventive and protective measures can go a long way.

I am very proud that during this challenging time we are still striving to deliver to you the best what we have to offer. Our VIRTUAL classes have been rocking! I have received an overwhelming amount of e-mails from you sharing your appreciation of having the ability to keep working towards your fitness goals at the comfort of your homes during this challenging time.

Regular physical activity helps us to strengthen respiratory muscles, increase lung volume, and deliver oxygen more effectively to the body. The results are clear respiratory airways, more energy, decreased inflammation, and restorative sleep. Choose an aerobic activity, using large muscles in a rhythmic fashion. Use an intensity that challenges you. It’s supposed to feel difficult and outside your comfort zone. That’s how we elevate our physiology!

Lastly, one more tip – practicing diaphragmatic or deep breathing cleanses the lungs, improves oxygen delivery to the body, and elicits a calming effect. Start with a counting breath practice. Close your eyes. Slowly take an inhale through your nose for a count of five. Fill up with as much air as you can breathe in; try one more sip, hold, and then exhale through your nose for the same count of five. When you get to the end of the exhale, see if you can breathe out just a little more, emptying completely, and pause for a few seconds before your next inhale. Do this for ten rounds of breath. See if you can do this daily.

In health, Yulia

Tennis & Pickleball
Skip Redondo & Nicole Havlicek, Co-Directors

Dear Tennis Members, now everyone is getting pretty anxious to get back on the courts.  All of our tennis and Pickleball events will be pushed back for when the club reopens. Taylor and I are going to send you a series of tennis workout at home.

Could you imagine there is no Wimbledon this year.  Also, the rumor there might be no US Open?

I also like to thank Mr Jim Thompson for putting brand new lights on 7 through 10 and 1 & 2. Plus restroom by 8 and 9. He is really dressing up the tennis facilities.

Plus tennis members that have juniors;  our summer program is open to sign up. Check out our summer program on our website. Stay healthy and lookout for our tennis workout.

Skip Redondo
Tennis Director

OHTC Court Policy

  • Courts may be reserved up to 3 days in advance.
  • There are only 4 reservable courts in advance.  Two courts are held for the teaching pros.  3 tennis courts are available for walk on.
  • After 10 minutes, if you have not arrived, you have forfeited your court.
  • A reservation only reserves the right to a court; not a specific court.
  • Fitness members may not make advance reservations.
  • Ball machine is not available for advance reservations.


Tennis Corner

Greetings Tennis enthusiasts.

Sadly, the world Coronavirus virus pandemic has affected people and economies in manners far worse than our inability to practice our favorite sport. At our local level, Oakland Hills Tennis Club is exercising great measures to protect the members and employees with the current shutdown.

The USTA NorCal organization, has cancelled competitions and even the public parks such as Davie Stadium are posting notices for people not to jump the fences to play. The Tennis Channel has been airing classic matches to fill the void as tournaments have been cancelled.

The current shutdown, as it stands in Alameda County, is currently in force to May 3rd, but very likely will go beyond. Ordinarily, I would announce the next Men’s Night of Tennis, originally scheduled for May 21st, the next 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7 pm.

But as you know we cancelled March and April Men’s Night as the Club has been closed and will continue closed until Jim Thompson makes an announcement. In all likelihood May will be postponed and perhaps in the next “Tennis Corner” for June, I can give an update of the future tennis social, but it will depend on the OHTC management’s guidelines.

Jim Thompson Sr. is sending our seniors 60 and older encouragement to stay positive and enjoy the talents of several of our member who are authors, so we can enjoy literature during our shelter time.

Stay safe and optimistic that we can return the practice the sport we love.

Massage Messages

Dear Members,

I would like to kindly remind you that we are not powerless to protect ourselves in the time of coronavirus! We have the power to strengthen our own immune system. By doing so, we help to make our body more resistant to COVID-19 should you be exposed, and better able to fight back if we do become infected.

You can unwind yourself from all the coronavirus news and elevate your self-quarantine with a massage session at home! Think tennis balls. The procedure is simple: place a tennis ball on a part of the body that is sore or tight and rest your weight on it. The pressure softens tight muscles and increases circulation. Dancers have long used tennis ball self-massage to work out their kinked-up muscles, and body workers frequently prescribe the practice for clients healing from chronic injuries. Asana practitioners searching for ways to increase flexibility and comfort in their bodies are beginning to get on the ball, too.

In my other article I mentioned the benefits of deep breathing. Along with taking deeper breaths is the ability to clear out the residual, stale air stuck in the lungs. A perfect way to do that is by laughing. When we laugh, our exhalation is longer helping to clear out any stale air. We then inhale a deeper breath, bringing more oxygenated air into our lungs. Think of laughing as a lung cleanse! A bonus is as we’re laughing, the body naturally releases endorphins, our feel-good happiness molecules. Go ahead and call your friend who makes you laugh. Join a laughter yoga class on YouTube. Watch a comedy show. Allow yourself time each day to laugh.

In health,

Welcome Back Members

Thank you for the Membership Referral

Couples Training
Spice up your training with a loved one or a friend! Contact your personal trainer for more information!

Privacy Policy

The club values your membership and your right to privacy. However, by the very nature of our business, we need to share information with others, particularly when forming rosters, teams or programs. We collect information about you that we understand you may consider private or confidential. This information may be contained in applications and other forms you submit to us. Therefore, we are providing you with this notice to explain our policies for collecting, using and sharing this information with others.
Our Privacy Principals
The club will protect all non-public personal information we collect from our members.
The club will contractually require any person or organization providing products or services to members on our behalf to protect the confidentiality of this information.
The club affords former members the same protections as existing members with respect to the use and sharing of their information.
The club will only permit authorized employees, who are trained in the proper handling of this information, to have access to it.
Information We May Collect
The club collects and uses information it believes is necessary to administer our business and provide you with the services you request. We may collect and maintain several types of information needed for these purposes, such as those stated below:
Information the club receives on applications for credit or other financial services, such as your name, address, telephone number, Social Security number, USTA number and other identifying information.
The club has information about your transactions with us, including your payment and credit history.
Information Disclosure to Non-Affiliated Entities
The club shares information with Independent Contractors who provide us services, such as Bankers, Accountants, Lawyers, Tennis Professionals, Food Vendors, Trainers, Instructors, etc, only as permitted by law and only when relevant. We also share information member to member, particularly when forming teams, with club rosters, with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and USTANORCAL, its local affiliate.
When Will We Notify You
Our Privacy Policy will be published once a year. You will receive this notice as long as your membership is active. If you cancel your membership, we will continue to follow our Privacy Policy, but you will not receive future notices from the club.
Changes in Privacy Policy
Over time, it may be necessary to modify or supplement our Privacy Policy. If the club makes material changes, it will provide our current membership with revised notices that describe our new Policy and any new procedures that apply to them.
Your Choice to Share Information
If you choose, the club will not share any information we collect. If you prefer that we not share any information, notify us in writing detailing the information you don’t want the club to share. Mail this information to:

Oakland Hills Tennis Club, Inc.
5475 Redwood Rd.
Oakland, CA 94619
If you have any questions, please feel free to call the club at