Member Updates


Hello Members, 

Today we officially say farewell to summer, and welcome the first day of spring. The seasons may change, but my updates remain ; ) 

New Pickleball Pro 

  • We are delighted to introduce Barry Ko, our new pickleball pro. That has a nice right to it! Barry Ko is certified as a PPR (Professional Pickleball Registry) Coach.  He has been coaching for over a year and a half, including creating and running a Fundamentals Clinic in El Cerrito.  Students in the past have appreciated the 1.5 hour long classes, especially because the extra time allows for more individual attention.  One student said “I love that Barry asks us what we’d like to focus on each week and he works it into what he has planned. He repeats tips and instructions before and during the drills which is really helpful for me.” 
  • Barry has won 4.5 Gold and Silver medals in Monterey and most recently, a gold medal in the Men’s Open Division in Concord! If you would like to get in touch with Barry for information about lessons or clinics, please inquire through  
  • If you have reached out in the past for lessons or clinics, please send another inquiry. Thank you! 

Make-A-Wish Tournament 

We still have space for more people to register in our Tennis/Pickleball extravaganza. Help us support an amazing cause while having fun on the court! Register here. 

Drop-in Pickleball Play 

A few of our members have carved out a consistent time to host a pickleball drop in every Tuesday from 10am to 12pm. Contact Grace Vonquerner for more information:, 510- 568-1893. 

Wine Tasting Event 

We are so glad to once again host one of our favorite events, the annual Wine Tasting. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the event for the past two years due to covid. This year’s event will take place on November 12th between 5pm and 7pm. If you have never been, let me fill you in. We have five tables with a variety of wines to taste. Delicious finger food is also included with entry. Best of all, we pass on our wholesale prices back to you, so you get seriously screamin’ deals on cases of wine. The price for entry is $60, and space is limited. Please email if interested. 

October 30th Raider/Niner Tailgate 

If you haven’t already, please save the date for an epic Raider/Niner tailgate at the club on October 30th. The Raiders kick off at 10am against the Saints, and the Niners kick off at 1:25pm against the Rams. Stay tuned as we will soon be selling tickets to the event, food will be included. 

Bayo Vista Member Usage 

The Bayo Vista Swim and Tennis Club will be closing their pool for repairs from October 14th to November 3rd. During this time, we are allowing their members to come up to OHTC for use of the pool, and only the pool. We have also instructed them that they are not to use the pool before 11am, as this is the time we allot to swim reservations for our members. We have a mutual agreement with Bayo, so if a similar situation comes up here at OHTC, they will avail their pool to us. These exchanges usually go over fairly well, but please let us know if you have issues. 


We bill lockers annually on October 1st. The cost is $100 for the year. We do have lockers available, so please let us know if you would like one. Having a locker at the club is very convenient and eliminates all that lugging to and from your car! If interested, please send an email to Boyd, the bookkeeper, at 

Fitness Email Opt-Out 

Reminding you all that you may opt-out of receiving email updates about fitness classes. If you wish to opt-out, send an email to or and we will make sure you stop receiving those communications. 

Thank you for staying with me until the end. Have a fun weekend! 



Dear Members, 

Thank you for staying informed about important club updates. 

Snack Bar Closed Sunday and Monday 

Due to poor weather, the snack bar will be closed this Sunday the 18th, and Monday the 19th. Please also remember that the snack bar closes for the season at the end of September. 

ABC Billing 

ABC will not email out statements at the end of the month like Club Automation did, their platform does not have this capability. Those who used to receive statements in the mail with Club Automation will continue to receive them in the mail with ABC. For those who do not receive statements by mail, there are several options for learning about the details of your invoices: 

  1. Log into your MyiClubOnline account. Through this portal you can view your dues, purchase history, and update your billing information. This is the preferred method. 
  1. Call the club, ask for Boyd, and ask him to explain the charges on your account.  

Below is a help document on how to register for MyiClubOnline and a video providing an overview of its features. 

 Registering for MyiCLUB Account 

MyiClubOnline Overview 

People Paying Dues by Check 

  • Those who pay their dues by check probably received phone calls and emails stating that their dues are overdue. This was an error. From here on out, ABC will only contact members who pay by check after the 30th of the month that they owe for.  
  • Please note that we would much prefer your members paid their dues through credit card or ETF. So, if you currently pay by check and wouldn’t mind changing your payment method, please do so. 

Cycling Classes 

The cycling classes have been getting quite full, which is wonderful. However, we are encountering issues with walk-in members taking the place of members who made reservations online. To remedy this situation, we have told the instructors to conduct a roll call of all of the registered members so that they get first priority for riding. Hopefully this will solve the problem. 

MyClubLives Scheduled Maintenance  

The MyClubLives app will be inoperable on September 29th between 7pm and 9pm for routine maintenance. We apologize for this disruption.  

New “Member Updates” Section on Website 

A member suggested that I add my weekly update emails to the website somewhere. I thought that was an excellent idea! I will be posting all of the updates to this section of the website.  

That concludes this week’s updates. Have a great weekend. 



Hello Members,

Thank you for taking the time to review these important updates:

Make-A-Wish Tennis/Pickleball Tournament 

Sign-ups are live for our charity tournament on October 9th! Remember, 100% of the proceeds go to Make-A-Wish. We will be running 4 simultaneous tournaments:

  • Women’s Doubles Tennis
  • Men’s Doubles Tennis
  • Women’s Doubles Pickleball
  • Men’s Doubles Pickleball

That’s a lot of play, so we will be utilizing every court for this amazing cause. The price is $100 per doubles team, or $50 per person. REGISTER HERE. There is one sign-up link for all four tournaments, so please make sure to select the appropriate tournament that you wish to play in. Plays starts at 9am. Hope to see you there. Send an email to for any additional questions.

ABC Billing

Some of you be receiving emails from ABC Fitness Solutions asking you to update your billing information. This is not spam. ABC is our new club software and billing servicer. If you would rather tell us your billing information over the phone or in person, that’s fine too, just call and ask for Boyd the bookkeeper.

Pool Etiquette 

I would like to address a number of complaints I’ve been getting about certain behaviors by the pool:

  • Lifeguards are not babysitters. Parents, please do not think that just because a lifeguard is present that you do not need to monitor the behavior and well-being of your children. Also, keep in mind that our lifeguards are all back in school, so it is more imperative than ever that parents do their duty to ensure the safety of their children.
  • Cannonballing on top of other swimmers is not permitted – did I really just have to say that?
  • The baby pool is for babies and toddlers, not elementary school aged kids who are bummed they need to leave the pool during adult swim. Having bigger kids crowding the little ones in the baby pool is extremely dangerous.
  • Inebriation needs to be kept in check. Yes, we do sell wine by the pool at our Wine Downs, but we don’t sell all that much. Obviously, most of the alcohol that is consumed is brought by members, which is allowed. However, too often I’m hearing of parents being too intoxicated to keep tabs on their children and their behavior. This is totally unacceptable.

We take pool safety very seriously, and any violations of the above stated expectations are grounds for membership termination.

Keeping the Pool Clean

We test our pH levels everyday, so you can rest assured that if the pool is open, it is safe to swim. However, murkiness of the water has been becoming more of an issue due to increased use. How can we help prevent this?

  • Shower before you hop in the pool.
  • Wait a few minutes after applying sunscreen before jumping into the pool.
  • Stating the obvious again here, but do not let go of bodily fluids while in the pool.

Babysitter Policy

To remind everyone, we allow babysitters on family accounts, free of charge, with a few caveats:

  • They may not come to the club without the children.
  • They may not come to the club and drop the children off with our babysitters while they then go use the club’s facilities.

Opting Out of Fitness Emails

I get it, we send a lot of emails, but we have to make sure everyone is kept up to date with the goings on of the club. People have expressed the desire to unsubscribe from fitness class emails specifically. Well, now with our new communications platform, you can! If you would no longer like to receive emails about fitness updates, please inform over email at

That’s it for this week’s update. Have a cooler weekend!