Pool Hours and Rules

Pool and Hot Tub Hours  

Mon. – Fri.  6:00am – 9:00pm, Sat. & Sun.  8:00am – 7:00pm. 

The pool and hot tub are open year-round and always close 30 minutes before the club’s general closing time. 

Pool Rules 

We kindly ask parents to discuss these rules and courtesies with their children to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. 

Here are the key rules to keep in mind: 

  • No running around the pool (remember, it’s slippery!). 
  • No glass containers on pool sides or decks. 
  • Eating is permitted on the upper-level patios, not at the pool level. 
  • No sitting on shoulders or chicken fighting. 
  • No diving. 
  • All babies and children must be in swim attire to enter the pools. 
  • Kickboards should be returned to the storage container after use and not used as toys or safety devices. 
  • No hard balls for water games, squirt guns, or large flotation devices. Nerf balls are okay. 

Additionally, for specific areas of our pool facilities: 

The Baby Pool: 

  • Reserved for non-swimmers, younger children have priority. 
  • No kickboards allowed. 
  • All babies must wear swim diapers. 
  • Rough play is not permitted. 

The Hot Tub: 

  • Only persons aged 14 and older are allowed in the hot tub. 


Thank you for your attention and cooperation. Your adherence to these rules ensures a safer and more enjoyable environment for all members.