Imagine stepping into a warm, cozy room filled with a serenade of lovely music, soft lighting and slipping under crisp, fresh sheets just before your personal massage therapist walks quietly in… You are just a minute or two away before closing your eyes and escaping into an hour of luxury and relaxation. This could be you!

Our massage therapists, Izumi and Alberta, customize their sessions based not only on your stated needs and goals, but your body’s specific responses throughout the session.  Our massage therapists read your body, listen to your feedback, and adjust the focus and pressure of the therapy accordingly.  Our goal is to give you the best possible massage experience tailored to your specific needs. Also, don’t forget about the touch of thermotherapy! When combined with massage, moist heat towels will produce general relaxation, which helps to reduce muscle spasm and pain as well.

But it’s not everything! You should slip for 15 minutes into our outdoor hot tub right before your massage. It will make your massage more enjoyable and effective, and easier for your therapist, plus, you can’t beat the view!

To schedule massage please call the front desk at (510) 531-3300.

Gift certificates are available at the front desk.