The Oakland Hills Tennis Club offers swim lessons to all ages. Our swim programs priority is to have a safe and fun experience during instruction.  Our pool is at 80 degrees and offers a baby pool, too, with a maximum depth of 2 feet and is also kept at 80 degrees. The Baby Pool is open from spring through fall.  All lessons are based on a 30 minute time frame.

OHTC Sharks

Fall 2020


Lesson Prices – per person

                                                     Member           NonMember
Private                                          $70                 $85
Semi Private                                $65                 $80
Group                                           $60                 $70

Package of 5                         Member         NonMember

Privates                                        $240                $340
Semi Private                                $220                $320
Group                                           $200                $300

Swim Team
                                                      Member         NonMember
End of Summer                           $150                $195
Mon-Fri, August 3-15

Fall Swim                                     $300                $380
Mon,Wed,Fri, September 7- October 16

Practice Times
3:00-4:00pm beginner
4:00-5:00pm intermediate
5:00-6:15pm advance

For more information please write