Explore Our Fitness Facilities 

We offer a comprehensive range of equipment to support your fitness journey. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness routine, our Free Weight Room and Cardio Room are designed to meet your needs and help you achieve your fitness goals. 

Free Weight Room 

Our Free Weight Room is equipped with a variety of weights, benches, and machines to provide a dynamic strength training experience. Here’s what you can expect: 

Dumbbells, barbells and plates, weight machines, benches, functional training area, cable machine, squat rack, and a pull-up/dip machine providing you with a comprehensive range of tools for a well-rounded strength training session. 

Cardio Room 

For those focused on cardiovascular fitness, our Cardio Room offers a range of machines to elevate your heart rate and improve endurance. Here’s what you’ll find in our Cardio Room: 

  • Treadmills: Walk, jog, or run at your own pace with our high-quality treadmills. 
  • Elliptical Machines: Low-impact cardio option to engage both upper and lower body muscles. 
  • Stationary Bikes: Choose from upright or recumbent bikes for a comfortable yet effective workout. 
  • TechnoGym Stationary Weight Equipment: Our Cardio Room is equipped with a full range of TechnoGym stationary weight equipment, offering additional options for strength training within your cardio workout. 

Fitness Programs and Support 

In addition to our well-equipped Fitness Facilities, we offer fitness programs, personal training sessions, and group classes to help you stay motivated and reach your fitness milestones. Our experienced trainers and instructors are dedicated to supporting your fitness journey and helping you achieve your goals.